When in the Course of Human Events, it becomes necessary to vocalize opposition to a repressive law that removes due process from an arbitrarily decreed class of people, we must transform ourselves into an anonymously convened network of activists in order to fight such an oppressive regime.


If you haven't already contacted your congress-critter about SOPA, the so-called Stop Online Piracy Act, please do. This awful bill has the potential to destroy everything that's good about the internet.

Analog to Digital: The Quantification of Love

Love is a holistic experience that cannot be contained merely in the mind or the body. Without physical chemistry, there is no sexuality. Without common interests or attitudes, there is no friendship. However, even if both mind and body are perfectly matched, there is still no guarantee that the subjects will “fall in love,” and perhaps those who would never think of associating with each other based on appearance or behavior are missing out on the love of their lives. Thus, the traditional view of love is a complicated phenomenon that is impossible to reduce to simple factors.

Stuxnet: Digital Industrial Sabotage or Cyber-Weapon of Mass Destruction?

The story of Stuxnet reads like a cross between a work of cyberpunk fiction and an international spy novel. In 2009 the world community was intensely debating the immediacy of Iran’s nuclear weapon program readiness. Meanwhile, a clandestine software project, sponsored by a cyber superpower with vast resources, was engaged in coding the first known malware rootkit to monitor and subvert the programmable logic controllers of an industrial system, allegedly the Iranian Natanz uranium enrichment facility.

Not On My WaveLength: Risk Perception & The Sebastopol Wi-Fi Debate

Sebastopol is a bucolic little hamlet seated in the western portion of Sonoma County, California. Formerly known for its Gravenstein apples, most orchards have long been planted with vineyards, or converted into the corporate grounds of the tech publishing firm O’Reilly Media. But several years ago a heated battle served to overturn the relative serenity of this community. The conflict erupted over the town’s implementation of a contract for a public Wi-Fi network in its main plaza.

Debating Executive Control of the Internet: A Critical Ethical Analysis of the 'Kill Switch' Bill

Since its mainstream popularity blossomed in the late 1990’s, the Internet has become tightly woven into the fabric of modern society. Linking together many formerly disconnected institutions and technics, the invention of this high-speed communication medium has also pushed freedom of speech issues to the forefront of the debate about protecting the highly pervasive technology and the critical infrastructure it serves from disruptive events.

HBGary vs. Anonymous: The Ethics of Outsourced Espionage against Public Citizens


I'm very concerned about the corporate malfeasance and possible government complicity revealed in the 75,000+ leaked #HBGary emails. First of all, I have to say it's rather pathetic that these guys considered themselves an elite private security company, when they had such poor practices securing their own website and servers, and couldn't even restrain their own executive from vigorously prodding a ginormous hacking collective.

Civilization 2.0

Technology of the Pyramids

It’s been about fifteen years since the Internet really started infiltrating human society and look how far we’ve come. Today will live on in the memories of many around the world forever: some two million Egyptians crowded into Tahrir Square to voice their strong opposition to a dictatorial regime. This inevitable day comes after a dark 30 year era of brutal repression and a people silenced by fear. What took away the hesitation of the Egyptian people to speak out against their deplorable conditions?

Bridge Across the Chasm

I know so many Democrats who’ve really lost ‘faith’ in their party. The problem is that politics now is all about campaigning, and not so much about policy. People’s attention spans are quite short and they’ve already forgotten that Bush and the Republicans caused the great mess; all they see is the constant bombardment of the corporate media. However, Democrats are not helping themselves by caving at the slightest Republican (or corporate) pressure to weaken extremely necessary legislation.

Republican Sabotage

Listen All Y’all, It’s a Republican Sabotage! There’s a Double-Dip Recession, aka Depression, headed our way: the GOP would rather score some mirage political points for the upcoming 2010 elections than save people from homelessness and persistent joblessness. They’ve refused to renew federal unemployment extensions for those who haven’t been able to find work in the worst employment market since the 1940’s.

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