Dusty Poetry


Hint of rumored truth;
Lose me in your unrequited chaos
Your serene boundary
Contains fragmented time

At the turn of this mobius life
Lies the unanswered question?

Contemplative Flame

The herb flame

not an honest glow
but the sharp spines
of a lightening cone

curving thought suspended
from the apex of molten spirits
muttering over dead life
what a fine way to spend your time


A distant thought
The reiteration of your presence
Sun sets, moon rises
Mind meld

A warm place
The genesis of my dreams
Time ebbs, words stay
Mood flow

An altered state
The enigma of desire
We meld, We flow


your lips grew cold
your spirit fled
i looked and watched
i watched with dread

my weak hands grasped
my skin drew taut
i strained for life
i vainly sought

a withered dream
a dying light
it fled away
into the night


It seems not long ago we fell in love
And still your passion burns me like a fire
Which harms me not; and yet the flames grow higher
They set me free - my heart flies like a dove

You cooled me like a shower from above
A brook, a stream; refreshing when I tire
Of loneliness - it’s you whom I desire!
You quenched my thirst, but still it’s not enough!

Until the end of time I’ll always yearn
For ecstasy with you to ever last

Beneath the ice a rushing river flows
Eternal flames continuously burn

Life’s weary course may wrench us from our past
Our fates may part; our love will never go

To Eurydice With Love

My love for you is all consuming,
Ever burning, ever blooming
Your spirit flew away from me
I followed you to set you free

From the depths of hell and further
Resisting death, surviving murder
Bringing back sweet memories
With my lyre’s quaint melodies

Until the god of dreaded death
Set you back onto the path
We came around the final turn
I looked behind, and now you burn

An Afternoon in the Graveyard

We walk upon the graves
 Rotting leaves
  Filling the cracks
Quietly death stalks

The dilapidated fountain
 rains no more
Wooden crosses of the poor
 tumbling to the ground

Stealthily death stalks

Thousands of people dead
 all they said
  gone into oblivion

We part, going separately
 on the crossroads
  of life

Quietly death stalks