The Good Webizen

A Guide for Creative Webspinning

Attention all sentient beings: the net has revolutionized the way we communicate, but to have a permanent and meaningful existence on the Internet you must become a web citizen, or webizen, by constructively contributing to the world wide web. The good webizen knows how to create and provide useful information on a website, as well as how to filter and consume vast oceans of data from the web.

The good webizen’s site is aesthetically pleasing and periodically updated, with professional or personal information and relevant links. The good webizen also has a duty to keep the audience in mind and provide all content in a standardized, consistent, consumable format. This guide has links to simple and useful web programming references and resources to inspire you to create your own unique website and become a good webizen.

Beginning HTML

Advanced Topics

Further Resources

Essential Software


Mozilla and Internet Explorer are sophisticated web browsers, butalternatives should also be considered when authoring web pages. Useyour browser to access authoring information on the Internet and preview pages you’ve written on your local computer.

HTML Editor

You can use a simple text editor to create websites. Expensive programs are not necessarily needed, even for complex sites that utilize dynamic pages. Increasingly, open source content management suites are available to manage and publish your content, and all you need is a text editor to configure very basic default settings files.

Image Tools

Use these tools to manipulate scanned photos or create web images.

FTP Client

These FTP Clients are stable and easy to use for transferring filesbetween your authoring computer and the remote web server computer.Remember to check file permissions to maintain site security.

Telnet Client

Use telnet to logon to your web server and edit files remotely. May require basic knowledge of Unix or DOS.

File Expansion Utility

These are standard, all-purpose file expansion utilities.