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When in the Course of Human Events, it becomes necessary to vocalize opposition to a repressive law that removes due process from an arbitrarily decreed class of people, we must transform ourselves into an anonymously convened network of activists in order to fight such an oppressive regime.

The NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012) officially codifies the gross abuse of human rights known as indefinite military detention, and extends its foul reach to any US citizen who is merely suspected of materially aiding the so-called terrorists, even on American soil. The judgement as to who qualifies to be thrown into the newly reaffirmed Guantanamo Bay military prison rests solely in the hands of the Executive, who publicly expressed 'serious reservations' regarding the dubious potentialities of this legislation. But if the President truly held such reservations, surely this Constitutional lawyer and Nobel Peace Prize winner would never have signed such a travesty of a bill.

Over the term of the Obama Administration, the de-escalation of troops from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts begun in the Bush years under the aegis of an internationally sanctioned War on Terror has only been matched by the escalation of a highly technological yet equally deadly set of clandestine campaigns against new enemies of the State located in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and other strategic zones around the world. As the official hostilities wind down, the secret ones are ramped up in order to accommodate the military capacity of our permanently terrorized state.

This inevitable perpetuation of war is a self-fulfilling prophecy told by the narrators of a macabre play in which we find ourselves robotically acting, the violent scenes directed by our mass media zeitgeist and produced by the ancient machinery of an evil system we must learn to destroy in order to end this drama. Our true national security interests, the health and economic self-determination of our citizenry, and indeed our Constitutionally guaranteed rights, have been completely over-shadowed by a military-industrial complex that has absolutely no moral compunction against waging hostilities on any group weak enough to fall victim to their great lobbying power, even US citizens. The only God in which they trust is the almighty Buck.

We cannot sit idly while our Bill of Rights is so openly shredded.

At which point do we revolt?

When our people are completely prevented from publicly assembling and redressing their government for their grievances?

When they are arbitrarily detained on suspicion of fitting the definition of a terrorist according to the unexamined will of an individual?

When they are indefinitely locked in a cell with no recourse to legal counsel and subjected to interrogation methods we call torture when it's perpetrated by enemies of the State?

How long must the water boil before we jump out of this pot, froggies?

Time for an Empire State Rebellion.