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If you haven’t already contacted your congress-critter about SOPA, the so-called Stop Online Piracy Act, please do. This awful bill has the potential to destroy everything that’s good about the internet. It would make it illegal to even link to copyright-infringing material, which would completely annihilate the search engines. Additionally, this oppressive law wouldn’t even accomplish what it purports to address, because inevitably, alternet darknets would spontaneously form to host all the information that wants to be free. Basically, the RIAA and MPAA and pharmaceuticals and ESPN and other power special interests with massive wallets to fund vast armies of lobbyists would rather shut down the internet than just take the trouble of submitting DMCA requests. How’s that for a job killer? They would rather break DNS and any possibility of implementing secure technologies to improve the domain name system with DNSSEC to protect us from fraud. Our own government will enter into the business of spoofing infringing website domains in order to comply with this POS legislation. This is very similar to how China spoofs domains that contain information not deemed appropriate for their regime, such as speech advocating for its downfall. Do we really want to be like China?