Republican Sabotage

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Listen All Y’all, It’s a Republican Sabotage! There’s a Double-Dip Recession, aka Depression, headed our way: the GOP would rather score some mirage political points for the upcoming 2010 elections than save people from homelessness and persistent joblessness. They’ve refused to renew federal unemployment extensions for those who haven’t been able to find work in the worst employment market since the 1940’s. Never in American history has any Congress denied emergency unemployment extensions while the official jobless rate is above 7.6%; right now it’s still at 9.3% and the jobs stimulus money is running out. Corporations are holding onto their cash, banks aren’t lending the money we bailed them out with, and you and I will be stuck out on the street with our iPods pretty soon. So I thought I’d make a music video to go along with my unemployment.

Inspired by Bob Cesca’s article.