Freeform Rant

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I'm going to start ranting. For the past several years I've mostly used my twitter account for disseminating information. How about my opinion? 

I'm really shocked by the complete lack of any moral character in our civilization. Presidential candidates think waterboarding is A-OK... I mean, come on. This is Ethics 101 people. If you have knowledge of a helpless person coming to harm, YOU HAVE TO HELP THEM. Torturing people is....wrong! OMG are we really having this conversation in 2011? Did I suddenly step into a time machine and it's 1011? We restrict people's liberties so that they will not pose any further risk of doing harm. Harming prisoners is...hypocritical! 

When I was a kid, I was reasonably patriotic. I thought TPTB were corrupt, but I had no idea they were also so unbelievably *STUPID*! Dear Capitalist Pigs: Do Not Shit In Your Own Living Room. Try to not break Capitalism as you feed incessantly at the trough. The next time I hear about "moral hazard" from some snotty-nosed banker who's never worked a real day in their godforsaken lives, Imma puke. If I already have a big slice of the pie, and I want to eat a lot more, guess what's not going to work? Shrinking the pie for everyone! 

Folks, we have been invaded by stupid, greedy pod-people. It's high-time we evict the no-good sons of bitches. Some guy in Sonoma had to chase down and tie up a robber who was let out of CA prison due to budget cuts. Why are we letting it get so bad? Why is there even a conversation about austerity and cutting Social Security and Medicare? Do the rich get to sacrifice a goddamn thing? For every dollar spent on unemployment insurance, it's like $1.60 in in direct stimulus on the economy. That anyone would doubt such a statistic shows how fucking out of touch these politicians have become. If I'm broke, I spend it all. If I'm rich, I save... 

Ok riddle me this. Why on earth should there be *any* contributions allowed for campaigns anymore? Want my vote? Write down WTF you think we should do, make a website, post a YouTube, AND YOU'RD DONE. Did that cost anything? No? OK then. I think the single most important thing any movement can do is to remove $$$ from campaigns. See: We've spent oodles of our hard-earned tax receipts bailing out rich fucks who don't even know what to do with it. 

If I were to construct a jobs bill, this is what it would do. It would create a million jobs in 3 months by asking people what jobs we need to get done. Each month I'd need to make about 333,000 jobs in 50 states, working out to 6,660 new employees per state per month. Each $40,000/yr job would provide $22,000,000 in new monthly income to be spent on things workers need to work, stimulating each state. Tax revenues, let's say 10%, would be $2,200,000/mo, much better than spending $10,656,000/mo on unemployment for 6660 workers. After 3 months of my hiring binge, I'd have spent a whole whopping....$6.66 billion dollars to hire and retain a million people... Now compare that little piddly sum with the $11 trillion dollars to bail out banks and financial institutions! How many jobs did they make? Yup, by my calculations, two weeks in Iraq/Afghanistan/Pakistan is $20 billion dollars. How's that investment looking now?

So anyway, I guess what I'm trying to get at here, is that solutions don't come from above, so stop looking up; you'll just get peed on.