john edwards

Who Will Fight For Us?

I hope that 2 weeks from now, John Edwards has a good day in Iowa, because this is a principled individual who I truly believe would stand for the people if elected president. We desperately need strong leadership battling for our interests, instead of the gigantic corporations and ridiculously greedy people who run them (often, into the ground). During the interview, Edwards summarizes his campaign:

EDWARDS: I’m the guy who’s going to fight for the change we need, not talk about it, not try to maneuver my way through a system that I think is broken. I’m going to fight for the change. I’ve been doing it for 54 years of my life. And I’m the one they can count on to stand up for them. MSNBC, “Hardball with Chris Matthews”, 12/18/07

"Lobbyists Represent Real Americans"

This clip comes from a presidential candidates forum at the YearlyKos Convention in August 2007.

The Politics of Parsing

Hillary Clinton responds with double-talk during the Democratic candidates debate on October 30, 2007.

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