Bridge Across the Chasm

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I know so many Democrats who’ve really lost ‘faith’ in their party. The problem is that politics now is all about campaigning, and not so much about policy. People’s attention spans are quite short and they’ve already forgotten that Bush and the Republicans caused the great mess; all they see is the constant bombardment of the corporate media. However, Democrats are not helping themselves by caving at the slightest Republican (or corporate) pressure to weaken extremely necessary legislation. For example, at the very beginning of the financial crisis, when Obama passed the stimulus bill, the Democrats had all the political mandate they needed to pass a larger package that was skewed far more heavily in the favor of job creation over tax cuts. That would have really helped right now, in the face of sustained 10% unemployment. Instead, we got unnecessarily watered down and arguably inneffective HCR, zero action on DADT and other LGBT issues, limp leadership on green energy policy and other items important for our survival as a species. Folks, we have a gigantic chasm in front of us, and nobody’s going to cross a bridge that only goes halfway.