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For such a supposedly dry topic, SiCKO sure caused a lot of wet eyes and enthusiastic claps during the opening night viewing I attended. Maybe Single-Payer Health Care should be the number one domestic topic for our Democratic candidates, considering the very critical consequences our current immoral, for-profit scam is inflicting on human beings. Right after the number one international topic: ending the immoral, for-profit scam we’ve inflicted on Iraq, which is sucking all our dollars into foreign death instead of national health.

Those who speak the worst of you feel the most threatened. Such must certainly be the case this week, as SiCKO achieved the second largest opening weekend in film history for a documentary, after Fahrenheit 9/11, and the guns have come out blazing. Luckily, the Internets and the Liberal Media have come to the rescue of the little anti-HMO film that could.

Let Michael use hyperbole; god knows the other side does, although separating people into “sides” when it comes to health seems preposterous, like only putting out the fires threatening Republican homes but letting Democratic abodes burn. We need to brainstorm on this one, folks – even Moore concedes we need to come up with a uniquely American solution. But I think everyone can eventually agree that the era of allowing private insurance companies be the soulless, greedy arbiters of our nation’s economic and physical health has to end now. That’s why I’m proposing a national Health Protest Day on 9/11, a memorable and appropriate day for demanding that our emergencies be met with medical help instead of financial bankruptcy.