Hope is the Antidote

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The grassroots activism surrounding the Downing Street Memo has recently begun to percolate up through the corporate media into newspapers and television. Although the story isn’t garnering front page or top-of-the-hour coverage, I am beginning to feel an imminent tidal change in the zeitgeist: finally, America is getting a clue. Perhaps the constant barrage of infotainment isn’t numbing the masses like it used to. After all, you can only distract a man so long with shows starring slutty slack-jaws scampering about before he notices you’re simultaneously stealing his savings and sending his sons off to slaughter. Some of my colleagues have expressed a deep cynicism regarding our fascistic government and consumeristic culture. That’s what “They” want - for you to give up your dreams and submit to their nightmares. But I believe that hope is the antidote to fear.