"Lobbyists Represent Real Americans"

This clip comes from a presidential candidates forum at the YearlyKos Convention in August 2007.

The Politics of Parsing

Hillary Clinton responds with double-talk during the Democratic candidates debate on October 30, 2007.

Why A Former Nader Voter Supports John Edwards for President

Ralph Nader shaking hands

I admit it, I was a Nader Voter. Throughout the Bush-Gore race I was highly disillusioned with our “two” party system because the politicians were obviously not working for the good of people, instead choosing to pander to the same corporate interests who had paid them off with wads and wads of “free speech”. The argument was that both parties had been completely corrupted to the point of no return, and were essentially two sides of the same coin.

You Can't Win A War Crime

You Can't Win A War Crime

Presenting the Grand Opening of Aigeanta’s Press, your One Stop Shop for Stickers and T-Shirts to spread the truth about our descent into a dystopian nightmare. I was inspired by Open Source Resistance on my first release, “You Can’t Win A War Crime”. Every purchase you make will help pay the bills the fascists use to keep us too busy to pay attention.


SiCKO movie poster

For such a supposedly dry topic, SiCKO sure caused a lot of wet eyes and enthusiastic claps during the opening night viewing I attended. Maybe Single-Payer Health Care should be the number one domestic topic for our Democratic candidates, considering the very critical consequences our current immoral, for-profit scam is inflicting on human beings. Right after the number one international topic: ending the immoral, for-profit scam we’ve inflicted on Iraq, which is sucking all our dollars into foreign death instead of national health.

Cindy Sheehan's Question

Vigil at the Sonoma town square

While the president is on a permanent vacation from reality, Vacaville mother Cindy Sheehan has setup Camp Casey outside his Crawford, Texas ranch to protest against an illegal war and occupation that took the life of her son, Casey Sheehan, along with the lives of over 1,850 more American soldiers and probably well over 25,000 Iraqi civilians.

Independence Day Ruminations

Today the San Francisco Chronicle had an interesting opinion piece, Celebrating independence from ignorance, which starts off: “John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died July 4, 1826.

Memo Hearing

Today, in the basement of the Capitol, Representative John Conyers held an unofficial hearing on the Downing Street Memo. The ball is rolling.

Hope is the Antidote

The grassroots activism surrounding the Downing Street Memo has recently begun to percolate up through the corporate media into newspapers and television. Although the story isn’t garnering front page or top-of-the-hour coverage, I am beginning to feel an imminent tidal change in the zeitgeist: finally, America is getting a clue. Perhaps the constant barrage of infotainment isn’t numbing the masses like it used to.

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