Lightning Sun


Up against a tombstone

An oak tree has grown around an old tombstone with log lettering in Santa Rosa Rural Cemetary.


Mind’s Eye


Ananke orbiting the Greenstar


Female Divinity


Seeing the Alien Buddha

Seeing the Alien Buddha


Hand from the Sky


Standing on the Golden Gate Bridge

This was taken on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco on the day Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead left us.

Waking Life

Waking Life movie poster

I recently saw Waking Life, a very interesting and visually stunning film about dreams, consciousness, and existence. The entire movie utilizes the rotoscope technique, rendering every scene as an expressionistic and sometimes surreal animation. A young man named Wiley Wiggins, a dreamer, is visited by an eclectic collection of individuals who challenge the dominant paradigm of reality.

Ethereal Expression

The History and Significance of the Theremin

Music is a form of expression which can liberate both musician and listener from the confines of physical reality. An instrument is the mechanical interface between a musician and the tones we hear as music.

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